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Live Bands

Sunday Night Swing

This month's band:

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February 2018 - TBA

March 2018 - TBA

April 2018 - TBA

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List of bands that we like and we've had out:

Berry Berg

Big Band Trio (more info)

Blue Morris (more info)

Blues Berries (more info)

Bria's Hot Five (more info)

Bruce James (more info)

Company B Jazz Band (more info)

Continental Clyde

Cousin Harley & the Piglets (more info)

Deanna Knight & the Hot Club of Mars (more info)

Fab 4 + 1

Goby Catt (more info)

Johnny Ferreira (more info)

Ricke Leather

Swing Patrol (more info)

Terminal Station (more info)

The Enablers (more info)

The Lounge Hounds (more info)

The Other Big Band

The The Palomars (more info)

Trading 5

Live Music

Suburban Swing often hosts live bands on the last Sunday of every month! Come on out and enjoy the sounds and sights of live music!

Goby Catt
Goby Catt

What band would you like to see perform at Suburban Swing? Is there a band you want to see again? E-mail Jason your suggestions.

E-Mail: jason@suburbanswing.com

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